Great cruise deals with inCruises

NEWS & VIDEO: Do you want to cruise for less, cruise for free or get paid to cruise? Join the club! Check out this video from inCruises cruise membership club. More than 100,000 people have joined for great deals on cruises. 

NEWS & VIDEO: Join the inCruises cruise membership club for great cruise deals! It costs $100 U.S. per month to join the club AND the company matches it with another 100 “Cruise Dollars” to build and grow your cruise-shopping account faster. So in one year you’ll have $2,400 in U.S. dollars and Cruise Dollars in your account. 

The cruise deals are excellent and there are 5,500 cruises available from most of the major lines. More than 100,000 people in 150 countries have joined the club.


  • No contracts, 14-day Money Back Guarantee
  •  Invitation-only Travel Membership club focused on cruises
  • More than 100,000 people have joined from 150 countries
  • Member of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
  • Licensed and bonded in all required states
  • 5,500 cruises available from major cruise lines         


Watch the video below and when the JOIN form appears, fill it out and click on it to learn more information about the three membership types and costs. Filling out the form doesn’t formally “join” you to the club. This just takes you to the membership types. Only when you choose the type and pay the first month’s fee do you become a member. 


There are three types of club memberships — Member, Partner or Partner/Member.  The latter is the most popular option because you may be able to get your monthly fees waived by referring other members. 


If you want more time to think about joining, exit the inCruises website and check in again through the JOIN form whenever you’re ready.

If you do join and change your mind within 14 days, you’ll be refunded.

Click the link below to watch the 6-minute video for more information about becoming a MEMBER and getting great deals on cruising:

If you’re also interested in becoming an inCruises PARTNER/MEMBER, cruising for free and making money by membership referrals, watch this 23-minute video:


{Sample of Join Now form that appears at the end of the videos) 



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