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Cruiseguru Editor Diane

Cruising is Diane’s travel passion since it’s such a fun and easy way to see the world. She’s been on 70+ media cruises, visited 45 countries and is eager to provide you with cruise inspiration and information. She also has 17,300+ Followers on Instagram @ Cruiseguru.

Media Background:

Diane is an award-winning Canadian travel writer/editor with hundreds of articles and special supplements published in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Metro News, National Post, Maclean’s, enRoute, Ottawa Citizen, Hamilton Spectator, London Free Press, Fort-Worth Star Telegram and many more newspapers and magazines in Canada and the U.S. since 1981.

While in Journalism school in her 20s, she started writing ski articles for the Toronto Star. When she was in her 30s, after having two children, she began a monthly column for the paper called “Taking the Kids” about family travel, as well as a weekly column called “Close to Home.” In her 40s, she launched the Star’s monthly cruise column called the “Shipping News” which ran until 2012. 

During this time she was also Editor-in-Chief of CAA Leisureways and Journey travel magazines from 2000 to 2006 (circulation 1.2 million readers), as well as several other national magazines about travel and home decor.

In 2013 she became Managing Editor, Special Features, for Metro News and its 10 daily newspapers across Canada. She managed 17 reporters and seven graphic designers.

Diane now freelances for many major publications about travel.


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