One-piece swimsuits get cut-out class

One-piece swimsuits get cut-out class

Swimwear is a staple of cruise wear whether you’re sailing to a hot, sunny climate, or a cooler region like Alaska or northern Europe. No matter what the itinerary, at some time onboard you’re probably going to be swimming, sunbathing or in the hot tub. With that said, we know that choosing the right swimwear piece based on your body type can be difficult and downright frustrating.

When it comes to trends, the one-piece classic swimsuit is making a major comeback and this is a piece that is flattering for any body type.

The one-piece proves that less really can be more. The look is versatile because there are endless options of colours and patterns.

However, rather than a solid piece, consider a one-piece with cut-outs that feature your best peek-a-boo spots such as a neckline or waistline. It will show that looking great can be about enhancing your best features while knowing you don’t have to bare it all.

Swimsuit: Black Label by PrettyAttitude


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