Spa Carnival features some of the largest facilities at sea

Spa Carnival features some of the largest facilities at sea

NEWS: Getting or staying in shape is an important component of a well-rounded vacation experience for today’s health-conscious vacationers. And, to meet this growing trend, Carnival’s fleetwide Spa Carnival program features some of the largest and most elaborate health clubs at sea.

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Carnival’s fleetwide spa program is so popular that more than two million guests — some 50 per cent of those vacationing with Carnival — are expected to take advantage of the spas’ facilities.

Spas of at least 12,000 square feet

Each of Carnival’s 24 “Fun Ships” house spas of at least 12,000 square feet and all Carnival ships offer a full gym complete with the latest exercise equipment and free weights, weight circuit classes, which challenge participants on the various machines, at least three swimming pools.

Exercise classes

Also available are workout classes offered at different interest and activity levels, everything from high- and low-impact aerobics classes to step, aqua and senior aerobics or even specialized calisthenics, relaxation and stretching sessions.

Classes for teens and extra services

Carnival has added the new Generation Z program for teens, tooth-whitening services, and barber services and treatments just for men.
Additionally, ships feature a wide variety of sophisticated progressive resistance exercise machines, whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms. For those guests who want to exercise in the fresh sea air, Carnival also offers organized mile-long walks on the ships’ upper decks or one-eighth-mile jogging tracks, available fleetwide. Nearly all Carnival ships also offer “Serenity,” an exclusive adults-only retreat with comfortable chaise lounges, colorful umbrellas and oversized whirlpools, creating the ideal environment for relaxation, tranquility and comfort.

Pampering therapies

But the spas aren’t just a great place for working out. The facilities offer guests a variety of ways to pamper themselves, including several soothing “European-style” therapies. Treatments range from the conventional — full-body massages, seaweed wraps and mud packs — to the exotic, with therapies such as the Ionithermie Superdetoxification Treatment, a 90-minute therapeutic slimming treatment that utilizes a cleansing algae concentrate, and La Therapie, a “bio-technical” facial that combines organic gels and creams with low-level electronic stimuli to leave guests feeling relaxed, re-energized and refreshed.

Trained experts

All treatments are administered by the spas’ trained experts who, in addition to leading workout classes, offer one-on-one wellness counseling sessions, tips on health and nutrition, and proper training techniques. The staff also holds familiarization talks to acquaint guests on the spas’ many services and activities, as well as conducts health evaluations and screenings utilizing sophisticated electronic testing equipment.

Hydrotherapy baths

Several ships also feature “virtual bicycles” in which guests “tour” a variety of routes, including mountain pathways and snow-covered trails. Also available are hydrotherapy baths, which consist of a personal Jacuzzi-like tub where seaweed, aroma therapy, special oils and other ingredients create a soothing, rejuvenating sensation. Elaborate Cloud 9 Spa facilities on Carnival Splendor, Carnival Dream, Carnival Magic and Carnival Breeze offer such soothing options as a thalassotherapy pool, elaborate thermal suite and private treatment rooms. These ships also feature spa staterooms adjacent to the Cloud 9 Spa facilities and offering a variety of exclusive amenities and privileges.

Spa fare healthy eating

Continuing Carnival’s commitment to healthier lifestyles is the line’s Carnival Spa Fare, designated by a special menu symbol indicating that the dish is lower in fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories. Poultry and meats are broiled or roasted, salads are prepared with low-fat or fat-free dressings and desserts with sugar substitutes. Vegetarian dishes are available at each meal, as well.


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