Windstar Star Breeze cruise ship stretching adds 50 suites

Windstar Star Breeze cruise ship stretching adds 50 suites

NEWS: Windstar Star Breeze stretching is complete and the project added 50 suites, two new restaurants, a larger pool and deck, spa and expanded public areas. Before the work, the Star Breeze was 134 meters long, 10,000 tons and had capacity for 212 guests. She is now 160 meters long, 13,000 tons and has capacity for 312 passengers.

windstar star breeze stretch section

While the COVID-19 pandemic shifted completion timelines for the  renovations, nothing was cut from the scope of work and the original plans got back on track.

Windstar Star Breeze middle section stretching

The enhancement program is valued at $250 million and involves the the Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride.

windstar star breeze stretching top deck

In addition to the original scope of work included in the initiative, Windstar announced an additional investment in its fleet to add HEPA filters with UV-C lights into each ship’s HVAC system. The new filters and lights are the culmination of months of research to ensure the best of science and technology are installed on the ships to provide a safer environment on board.

windstar star breeze stretching wet dock aft stern

Work has already begun aboard Star Legend and her completion date is late January 2021; she will begin cruising in the Mediterranean in March. Star Pride will be completed in June 2021 and begin sailing in Northern Europe in July.

Windstar Star Breeze stretching pool deck
Windstar Star Breeze Grill
Worldspa by Windstar on Star Breeze thermal lounge
Owner's suite bathroom aboard Windstsar Star Breeze
The new owner's suite aboard Windstar Star Breeze.
Windstar Star Breeze classic suite
Windstar Star Breeze Amphore

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Source/photos: Windstar Cruises


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