Dream Cruises celebrates 100 days of safe cruising since pandemic

Dream Cruises celebrates 100 days of safe cruising since pandemic

NEWS: Dream Cruises celebrates 100 days of safe cruising since the pandemic with a new series of Super Seacations on their World Dream ship through to June 2021.

Dream Cruises feature signature traditional and pop culture experiences from Korea and Thailand, two of the top travel destinations for Singaporeans. Originally launched on November 6, 2020, travel lovers will have more opportunities to indulge in their wanderlust with the extension of World Dream’s Super Seacation itineraries to June 27, 2021.

Water Gun Games on World Dream cruise ship

“We have been greatly encouraged by the overwhelming response from Singapore residents for our Super Seacation cruises on World Dream,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises. “Our goal has been to provide a safe and worry-free vacation experience for our guests after so many months of COVID-19. With our milestone 100th day of safe sailing on Dream Cruises World Dream’s coming up in mid-February, we are pleased to announce that her homeport deployment has now been extended to the end of June 2021.”

“It is also our honour to cooperate with The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, Korea Tourism Organization and Tourism Authority of Thailand Singapore to bring some of the most loved experiences from these popular travel destinations to World Dream. From February onwards, Dream Cruises guests can indulge in the best of cultural and gastronomic delights from Korea and Thailand on their Super Seacation holiday, which will be a real treat for those who have been yearning for international travel to resume.”

Muay Thai on Dream Cruises cruise ship

Rhythm of Korea (21 February to 31 March 2021)

Experience the multiple facets of Korea ranging from ancient times to the modern, prosperous country of modern day beginning with highlights from the Joseon Dynasty, dating back over 1600 years. Enjoy a Hanbok fashion runway show, the iconic garment that embodies the vibrant culture and colorful representation of historic Korea, then unwind like Joseon nobles with old-time, outdoor games like Jegichagi, which challenges players to kick and keep the Jeji from hitting the ground for as long as possible, and Tuho & Arrows, which requires players to throw arrows into a pitch pot vase.

Embrace the contemporary Korea that has taken the world by storm. Catch up on Korean blockbuster movies at Dream Cruises World Dream’s Cinema at Sea, learn about the latest K-Beauty trends during Flawless Beauty Talks and “Hair-ppiness” Styling Workshops, and groove to the greatest K-Pop hits at Hallyu K-Pop Dance 101 Classes. Those who consider themselves to be Hallyu Inssa and savvy of all things Korean can put their Kugo to the test with Basic Conversational Language Classes, or even challenge themselves with the K-Culture Trivia quiz for a chance to win great prizes.

Thai Satay on Dream Cruises World Dream cruise ship

For culinary cruisers, learn classic recipes well-loved by Koreans of multiple generations, such as Kimchi and Kimbap, and feast on trendy Korean street food delights that have been flooding every foodie’s Instagram feed, such as Tteokbokki Rice Cake, Japchae, Haemul Pajeon Seafood Pancake and Korean Fried Chicken. Guests on Dream Cruises World Dream can also get their hands on a selection of Korean snacks to go, including Jeju chocolates and Korean abalones, for a taste of Korea anytime, anywhere.

Amazing Thailand (31 March to 28 May 2021)

Set the mood for the Thai New Year, better known as Songkran, as you experience themed activities ranging from traditional to pop Thai music, to a movie marathon of Thai blockbusters. For the physically inclined, enjoy a hit of adrenaline with basic Muay Thai training, or a fun game of Sepak Takraw, a hybrid sport of football, volleyball and gymnastics, then partake in Water Gun Tag or the Pitch Burst Challenge.

Kimbap on Dream Cruises World Dream cruise ship

Relax and rejuvenate with a massage with tropical Thai products at Crystal Life Spa, the world’s largest beauty and wellness haven at sea, complete with a refreshing tropical beverage of your choice, then head to the Thai Street Market at Sea on World Dream and tuck into world-famous

Thai street food. Enjoy regional delicacies from the North and South of Thailand, as well as signature Thai desserts at the complimentary restaurants of the cruise ship.

Hanbok on Dream Cruises World Dream cruise ship

Insta-worthy photos are only a click away at the Tuk Tuk and Big Bowl Noodle pop-up displays, as well as in front of stunning backdrops of Thai umbrellas and lanterns found throughout the ship. Guests may bring a piece of Thai culture back home to their friends and family at the Thai handicraft workshop, where the traditional arts of soap carving, tie dying and paper umbrella painting will be taught.

Source/photos: Dream Cruises and Tourism Thailand.co.uk

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