“The health and safety of our guests, crew and the communities we visit is our number one priority, today, tomorrow and forever. It’s not a slogan or a tagline, we fiercely mean it and our commitment to these principles is demonstrated by the lengths our Company has gone through to provide the safest possible cruise experience from Florida. We want nothing more than to sail from Miami, the Cruise Capital of the World, and from the other fabulous Florida ports and we welcome today’s ruling that allows us to sail with 100 per cent fully vaccinated guests and crew which we believe is the safest and most prudent way to resume cruise operations amid this global pandemic,” said Frank Del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

“The public health environment continues to evolve around the globe and our robust science-backed health and safety protocols, with vaccines at its cornerstone, allow us to provide what we believe is the safest vacation experience for people who long to get back to their everyday lives and explore the world once again.”

Daniel S. Farkas, executive vice president and general counsel of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. said, “We are pleased that Judge Williams saw the facts, the law and the science as we did and granted the Company’s motion for preliminary injunction allowing us to operate cruises from Florida with 100 per cent vaccinated guests and crew. While litigation is a strategic tool of last resort, our Company has fought to do what we believe is right and in the best interest of the welfare of our guests, crew and communities we visit in an effort to do our part as responsible corporate citizens to minimize, to the greatest extent possible, further spread of COVID-19 as we gradually relaunch our vessels.”

Norwegian Cruise Line can require proof of vaccination and the swift deployment of vaccines has been the primary vehicle for people to safely get back to their everyday lives while containing the spread of the virus.

The Company invested heavily in its comprehensive, multi-layered SailSAFE™ health and safety program with science-backed protocols developed in conjunction with the nation’s top scientific and public health experts. The Company’s policy of 100 per cent vaccination of guests and crew was in place without issue in every port it sails from around the world, except for Florida.

Despite the ongoing global pandemic and the accelerating spread of the Delta variant, Florida prohibited the Company from requiring vaccine documentation which the Company believed would enable it to resume sailing in the safest way possible. Norwegian Cruise Line can require proof of vaccination and for more information click here: Sail Safe 

Here are their benefits of 100 per cent vaccination requirements*:

  • Cruise Mask-free**
  • No Social Distancing Required
  • All Restaurants & Experiences Are Fully Open
  • No Restrictions on Shore Excursions
  • No Capacity Restrictions
  • Appreciate the full Norwegian experience — all venues and experiences are entirely open.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing all guests and crew on board are fully vaccinated.

*As government regulations evolve, NCL health and safety protocols will evolve as needed to ensure compliance. This may mean different protocols from ship to ship based on local requirements.

**On Europe sailings only, currently local government regulations requires all guests to wear masks onboard. Refer to Norwegian’s FAQs section for complete details.

Source: Globe Newswire

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