MSC Cruises Explora Journeys floats out Explora I in Italy

MSC Cruises Explora Journeys floats out Explora I in Italy

NEWS: MSC Cruises Explora Journeys floats out EXPLORA I at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy. This is the first of four ships from the luxury ocean travel brand with EXPLORA I set to be delivered in May 2023. EXPLORA II will launch in summer 2024 and is already under construction with the keel being laid earlier this month.

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The float out is a traditional maritime event that is a significant moment in the construction of a new ship. It’s the first time that the ship will touch water and then enter the final phases of construction as work moves to complete interiors, fixtures, and fittings. The event was celebrated with senior representatives from the Cruise Division of MSC Group, Explora Journeys, Fincantieri, travel advisors and international media.

A deep-rooted commitment to the environment

Explora Journeys is committed to creating a positive impression on the destinations and communities visited by its ships. All four ships in Explora Journeys’ fleet on order will be equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies, will feature the latest selective catalytic reduction technology to enable a reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by 90 per cent, will be equipped with shore power plug-in connectivity to reduce emissions in port and fitted with underwater noise management systems to help protect marine life.  All four vessels will also have a comprehensive range of onboard energy efficient equipment to optimize engine use to further reduce emissions.

At the event, the brand also indicated that it will explore the introduction of engines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) on EXPLORA III and IV.

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman, Cruise Division of MSC Group said, “At Explora Journeys we are building ships for tomorrow, utilizing today’s latest technologies and while being ready to adapt to alternative energy solutions as they become available. At the same time, the brand’s commitment to sustainable ocean travel extends beyond just the environmental and maritime technologies but is also embedded in our onboard guest experience. Destination experiences will be designed to leave a positive impression and footprint on the places and people visited by placing a spotlight on local talents, craftsmanship, culture, gastronomy, and traditions. This is all part of the brand’s commitment to its guests and the destinations we visit with them.”

LNG – currently the cleanest marine fuel available at scale – virtually eliminates local air pollutant emissions like sulphur oxides (99%), nitrogen oxides (85%) and particles (98%). In terms of emissions with a global impact, LNG plays a key role in climate change mitigation with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25% compared to standard marine fuels. In addition, with the increasing availability of bio and synthetic forms of LNG in the future, this energy source will provide a pathway toward eventual decarbonized operations.

EXPLORA I launches in May 2023

Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer, Explora Journeys, commented, “The float out of EXPLORA I is a hugely significant milestone in the realization of our vision to redefine the ocean travel experience with a new luxury travel brand that we have designed to connect travellers with the ocean and themselves. Today’s event is a great opportunity for our valued travel partners to see how the ship is taking shape and build even more excitement for EXPORA I’s launch in just 12 months.”

EXPLORA I will feature 461 oceanfront suites, penthouses, and residences, ten distinct culinary experiences, ten indoor and outdoor bar and lounge experiences with curated entertainment, four swimming pools with poolside dining and lounging, and generous outdoor decks, holistic wellness and fitness facilities and much more.

EXPLORA I will commence her inaugural Mediterranean Journey at the end of May 2023 with an 11-night journey from Barcelona to Athens. In her first year at sea, EXPLORA I will visit 132 ports in 40 different countries, including two destinations – Kastellorizo in Greece and Saint Pierre in Martinique – that have never been previously visited by any cruise ships.

Explora Journeys offers the perfect blend of celebrated destinations and lesser known off the beaten path locations, focusing on a slower pace, spending more time in each destination to ensure guests can feel fully exhilarated and immerse themselves in the local culture and environment, while not leaving their mark on the destination. EXPLORA I’s inaugural journeys collection includes Canada, Hawaii, the East Coast of the United States of America, the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Greenland, and South America. Sailings start from six-night journeys and culminate in a spectacular 44-night Northern Europe Grand Journey.

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