MSC Cruises floats out new Seashore cruise ship

MSC Cruises floats out new Seashore cruise ship

NEWS: The float out of MSC Seashore took place August 20, 2020 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy and the 5,800-passenger ship will be delivered in July 2021.

MSC Seashore, which will be the company’s longest ship at 339 metres and the largest and most innovative ever built in Italy, has now been moved to a wet dock until her delivery in 2021 to allow for work on her interior.

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20 August 2020, Monfalcone: Water enters the dry dock to float MSC Seashore for the first time. (Photo credit: Filippo Vinardi/Fincantieri)

MSC Seashore will become the third of a total of fours vessels in MSC Cruises’ innovative and ground-breaking Seaside class of ships, following MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview, which launched in 2017 and 2018 respectively, and the first of two enriched Seaside Evo ships with newly designed public spaces, more cabins and the highest ratio of outdoor space per guest of any ship in the Company’s fleet. More than 65 per cent of the ship has been enhanced to make MSC Seashore a significant further evolution of her sister ships.

MSC Cruises Seashore aft lounge
MSC Seashore, Aft Lounge.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO, Fincantieri, commented: “The float out has always been one of the most satisfying moments for those involved in the construction of a ship. It is also the occasion to further strengthen everyone’s commitment, because when the ship touches the sea a lot of work has already been done, but much more still lies ahead. This applies even more to “MSC Seashore”, which will become the new flagship of MSC Cruises: a record-breaking ship, that focus us on innovation, technology and design, and emphasizing the Fincantieri leadership”. Bono concluded: “The uncertain situation that we are experiencing worldwide adds even more important value to this day, which bodes well not only for MSC Cruises and for our company, but for the entire cruise industry”.

MSC Cruise Seashore cruise ship main pool
MSC Seashore main pool

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman, MSC Cruises added: “We are committed to our new builds programme, which with each new class of ships sees us innovating and setting new standards in the industry. MSC Seashore will in fact be the largest and most innovative cruise vessel ever built in Italy, featuring the latest and most advanced environmental technology currently available. She will also be one of two new ships for which we will receive delivery in 2021 thus underlying our belief in the long-term growth prospects of the sector – as also demonstrated by the return to service of our first ship earlier this week as well as the investments made in our new health and safety operating protocol which is already setting a new standard for the industry.”

MSC Cruise Seashore cruise ship wine cellar
MSC Seashore cruise ship Wine Cellar and Tasting.

Latest Environmental Technology

The 169,500 GT ship with a maximum capacity of 5,877 guests, will be equipped with the latest technologies to minimize her environmental footprint.

MSC Seashore will be fitted with a state-of-the-art selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to reduce nitrogen oxide by 90 per cent and a next-generation advanced wastewater treatment system (AWTS) to treat wastewater to a very high quality where the end product is of a better standard than most land-based municipal waste standards around the world.

These features will add to other effective environmental technologies deployed on MSC Seashore, and across the Company’s fleet, to minimize and continuously reduce environmental impact, and ensure even cleaner air emissions, including cutting-edge hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) that removes 98 per cent of sulphur oxide from ship emissions; advanced waste management systems; ballast water treatment systems approved by the United States Coast Guard; latest-technology systems for the prevention of oil discharges from machinery spaces and various effective energy-efficiency improvements – from heat recovery systems to LED lighting. Additionally, MSC Cruises currently has on order three LNG-powered vessels once of which is currently under construction.

MSC Seashore will also be fitted with shore-to-ship power which connects a docked cruise ship to a port’s local power grid to further reduce air emissions.  This feature is broadly available across MSC Cruises’ entire fleet and has been standard across all of the Company’s new ships since 2017.

Enhanced and Enriched Design

MSC Seashore, as with the other iconic Seaside generation ships, offers arrange of breathtaking and stand-out design features to enable guests to connect with the sea, such as the spectacular Bridge of Sighs, stunning panoramic aft lifts and stylish glass catwalks.

Some of the new enhancements include the 16-metres extended length of the ship, 10,000 square metres of additional deck space for an even greater and more spacious onboard experience, a larger MSC Yacht Club – the all-inclusive ‘ship within a ship’ premium concept – and an enhanced guest flow with two central meeting points positioned at the middle and forward part of the ship.

MSC Seashore will offer a wider range of accommodation with more suites including 28 more terraced suites, two suites with private whirlpools and the MSC Yacht Club will see two new cabin categories with 41 Deluxe Grand Suites and two Owner’s Suites with whirlpools.

Families will be able to benefit from cluster cabins that link two or three adjoining cabins and can accommodate between six and 10 people, plus bigger and more spacious cabins for guests with a disability – 75 in total – will be available.

Two brand new restaurants will be introduced and five specialty restaurants will be newly located to allow for waterfront seating on the ship’s stunning boardwalk to give guests a greater sea view as they dine al fresco.

MSC Seashore will have a new double-decker aft lounge, a bigger casino and 20 distinct specialty bars, cafes and lounges.  The ship will feature a new aft pool design, an enlarged indoor pool and a new interactive waterpark will provide thrills and spills for guests of all ages. Clubs for young children and teenagers have been separated from a larger kids’ zone.

The ship will feature the latest customer-centric technology with MSC for Me available across multiple digital channels, offering guests a stress-free way to plan and book the things that matter to them. Guests can access information across a range of digital touch points including a useful app, interactive in-cabin TV, interactive screens around the ship as well as ZOE, the virtual personal cruise assistant, available in every cabin.

In summer 2021, all three Seaside class ships will be deployed together in the Western Mediterranean. These ships have been designed for the warmer weather making them perfect for the summer season for guests who want to enjoy the sunshine and stunning ocean views in this popular cruise region.

MSC Seashore will offer the popular ‘Six Pearls’ itinerary calling the Italian cities of Genoa and, for visits to Pompeii, Naples; Messina, Sicily; Valletta, Malta; Barcelona, Spain and Marseille, France. MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview operate ever-popular 7-night cruises in the West Mediterranean home porting in Genoa.


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