10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid

10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid

CRUISE TIPS: Planning a cruise is exciting and that includes the details of your cruise ship cabin – the type and location are important. You need to not only see photos of the cabin style you want, but the deck it’s on and where, as well as what’s above and below it. Here are the 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid.

1. Cruise cabins at the front of the ship break waves

Many people instinctively gravitate toward selecting the front of a ship for their cabin as if they’re ‘front row seats’ and many large suites are located here and offer wraparound balconies.

The problems arise in rough seas when the bow is cutting and crashing through the huge waves. This constant banging noise could not only make it impossible to sleep, but you may feel seasick from the teeter-totter effect which makes this area one of the worst cruise ship cabins to have if there’s bad weather.

2. Connecting cruise ship cabins can be noisy

While adjoining cabins are ideal for families to remain close such as parents and grandparents, the doors are usually thinner than walls and the seals also allow noise to escape. So if you’re not with a group, stay away from adjoining cabins in case you have noisy neighbors on the other side of that door.

3. Cruise cabins on high decks feel the motion more

Seasickness can occur at any time on the high seas. How do we make the situation worse? By being higher and in a cabin near the top of the ship where the sway is more pronounced. If you’re prone to seasickness choose a cabin that’s around sea level like Deck 6 instead of Deck 12.

4. Cruise cabins near the childcare centre are busy

Having your cabin located near child centres might seem like a good idea if you have kids, but this can be one of worst cruise ship cabins because it’s a busy area of kids and parents coming and going all day. The traffic can be heavy and noisy in the hallways.

MSC Cruises kids club

5. Cabins near the anchor can be noisy

Cabins around the anchor are generally alright – except every time they have to drop or hoist the anchor. This can happen when you’re still sleeping in the wee hours of the morning for example. The anchor’s heavy, metal chain can be loud and annoying making this cabin proximity to be among the worst cruise ship cabins.

carnival dream drydock new hull design


6. Cabins with a view of an obstruction

If you think you’ve booked a cabin with a great ocean or balcony view, be sure to check its actual location. That view could be obstructed by a lifeboat, lifeboat winch, steel beam or window washing equipment. Likewise if it overlooks a promenade and then the ocean beyond, your view will be obstructed by passengers walking by – and you won’t have any privacy either.

7. Cabins that overlook an interior atrium may be less private

If you book a cabin with an interior view, such as over an atrium, you might think that will be nice to see the bars, shops or a park-like area with trees and gardens. However, you’ll also be facing the people on the other side of the atrium and have less privacy. Sheer curtains can only provide so much cover when you’re getting dressed or undressed so you’ll likely want to draw the curtains. The noise and echo from an atrium may also be surprising when passengers walk through the area at all times of day and night.

8. Cabins next to elevators can be noisy

Cabins around elevators are subjected to an endless cacophony of sounds. Hearing the elevator bell dinging, the shuffling of feet, running children, loud conversations and more will be annoying. Elevators are also in near-constant use, so the sound can be any time of day or night.

9. Cabins near entertainment can be noisy

If your cabin is situated near an entertainment or popular dining venue such as a piano lounge, bar or disco, you’ll be subjected to a lot of noise from passengers who might party until early morning.

Carnival cruises Horizon cruise ship piano bar

10. Cabins near sports decks can be noisy

The same noise problems apply to cabins near the sports deck such as basketball courts for the noise of people jumping and bouncing balls, as wells as cheers, whistling and shouting. Luckily the sports deck is usually quiet at night.

Carnival Cruises Panorama cruise ship SkyZone trampolines

For all these worst cabins on a cruise ship, you need to check not only it’s location but what’s above and below it. Try to pick a cabin that’s at least two decks away from these venues to avoid the worst cruise ship cabins.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your cabin – since the deck plans may not be detailed enough – contact the cruise line to confirm your selection is what you expect.


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