8 ways to get free alcohol on a cruise

8 ways to get free alcohol on a cruise

CRUISE TIPS + 8 PHOTOS: Cruises are vacations that let you unwind and relax. Enjoying your favorite alcoholic drinks on board and trying new drinks add to the fun. Alcohol can be expensive on a cruise ship so to save money on a cruise, here are eight ways you can get free alcohol on a cruise.

free alcohol on a cruise ship wine

Welcome aboard greeting from the cruise ship crew

The easiest way to get free drinks on board is also the one step you can’t avoid taking – getting on board. Many cruise lines will offer passengers a glass of champagne or sparkling wine as soon as you step on board.

While you’re likely tired from a long travel day and still have your carry-on luggage with you, consider dropping everything and parking your things into a safe corner nearby. Find a comfortable seat and enjoy one or two free drinks. The elevators are often busy anyway, so let the crowds disperse while you celebrate arriving on board.

free alcohol on cruise ships champagne

Free alcohol gift from the cruise line, your travel agent, family or friends

When you get to your cabin you might find that you have a gift of champagne from your cruise line, your travel agent, family or friends – especially if you’re a loyalty member or celebrating a special event. It’s often beautifully presented in a champagne bucket and might include some fruit. Enjoy right away or save it for later.

TIP: If you’re not a champagne or sparkling wine lover, consider asking your cabin steward if you can switch it for something of equal value. They may or may not be permitted, but it’s worth a try!

free alcohol on a cruise ship gift

The Meet the Captain or Welcome Aboard party offers free alcohol on a cruise ship

meet the captain party on holland america eurodam

Nearly every major cruise line has a Meet the Captain or Welcome Aboard party that welcomes guests to meet the senior officers. Even if you don’t want to stay at the party long, drop by to meet the crew to enjoy the free alcohol and appetizers. Just remember to dress well for the occasion. Some Captain parties may require men to wear a jacket.

Art auctions offer free alcohol on a cruise

Celebrity Cruises art auctions

Many cruises often have art galleries on board for you to shop for art, attend an art auction or art seminar lead by art experts. These events often include free alcohol on a cruise ship – even if you have no intention of buying art. You might also be surprised that you enjoyed the art auction more than you thought you would.

Free alcohol on a cruise with  taste samples at shops and bars

Cruise ship shops that sell alcohol sometimes offer free alcohol taste tests of the products they sell – either at the shop or a private area nearby. There’s no pressure to buy the alcohol and it’s a great opportunity to try something different.

Cruise ship cooking classes offer free alcohol

Carnival Panorama Kitchen Cooking Classes

Cooking classes on cruise ships often require early registration since space is limited. If you do register for a cooking class, you often get the opportunity to enjoy free alcohol on a cruise ship – particularly if it’s the wine you’ll be using to cook with or the wine suggested as a special pairing with the meal. Some cooking classes may have a cost to them – and the alcohol is a bonus.

Cruise ship casinos offer free alcohol to players

Silver Muse, casino, slot machines

Cruise ship casinos like to keep casino players happy and show appreciation for their business. If you like to spend a lot of time in the casino, you’ll likely be offered free alcohol drinks “on the house.”

Enter competitions and win free alcohol on cruise ships

Cruise ships have lots of games and contests to keep you occupied. Trivia nights, talent shows, pool games, the list goes on. Prizes for these games are often a bottle of champagne. So join in the fun and if you win, you’ll get free alcohol to enjoy later.

For all these ways to get free alcohol on cruise ships, you must of course be of legal drinking age. The cruise line will check your identification. For example, you might be able to gamble in the casino at the age of 19, but the legal drinking age is 21.



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