New features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App will improve your cruise

New features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App will improve your cruise

CRUISE TIPS: New features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App will improve your cruise as you will find expanded functionality of the award-winning app, which includes enhanced food and beverage features, spa and shore excursion booking capabilities, virtual queuing for onboard venues, and updated health and safety information.

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The most popular app in cruising with more than 8 million total downloads and 4.6+ rating in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the new features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App is leading the way in Carnival’s efforts at providing a more contactless and convenient shipboard environment once cruising resumes.

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“In today’s world, smart phones have become ubiquitous for travelers, and they provide a great platform to help our guests make the most of their cruise vacation. We continue to leverage the popularity of the HUB App to enhance our guests’ pre-cruise and onboard experience,” said Ron Dillehay, Carnival’s vice president of guest marketing & technology. “The updates we are announcing today will build upon the convenient features that have made the HUB App the most popular app in cruising, and further enhance our guest experience on board.”

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New features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App include: 

  • Expanded Food Delivery, Additional F&B Capabilities:  The HUB App was the first app to enable pizza and beer delivery, and this popular function will be expanded to include the delivery of a variety of culinary and beverage offerings anywhere on board. Menus for all shipboard dining and beverage offerings will be available in a digital form using QR codes.  The HUB App will also be expanded to include dining check-in functionality to additional guests and venues, in addition to Your Time Dining.
  • Virtual Reservations & Queuing: Guests will soon be able to reserve seats virtually for various venues on board and be alerted when it is time to arrive for their function.  Additionally, guests will be able to check-in to virtual queues for select locations on board, including guest services, and be alerted when their place in line is ready.  Guests will also leverage the HUB App to reserve tickets for BOLT, the first roller coaster at sea debuting on Mardi Gras July 31 from Port Canaveral.
  • New Safety Content:  Guests will be able to check-in for their cruise via the HUB App with the ability to submit necessary health information, including a health questionnaire and other time-saving steps prior to departure, and new safety content, including new notifications to help guests complete their muster check-in on board.

Additional enhancements to the HUB App capabilities will be rolled out in the coming months.

The new features of the Carnival Cruise HUB App complement the variety of functions that provide a seamless vacation experience from beginning to end, including advance spa and shore excursion reservations, a popular chat feature, a full listing of food, beverage and entertainment offerings, youth program check-in and check-out information and easy access to guests shipboard Sail & Sign accounts.



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